North Star Premium Pet Food is dedicated to bringing you the best quality pet food at an affordable price.We believe in quality, service, and honesty, and by those virtues, will deliver on our promise.

Every pet should be fed the very best. Just as humans, your dogs deserve to eat balanced diets too. At North Star Premium, we understand your pet and how to meet their nutritional needs. This is why we provide the best quality of pet care products. They come at affordable prices too!

True Course Supplements
North Winds Premium Haven
Treats & Chews
North Winds Premium Grain Free
North Winds Premium Ancient Grains

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Inspired by nature, our products are crafted from the finest of the earth’s bounty to give your pet a tasty, healthy, and nutritious food that you can trust. Our ingredients are sourced from trusted natural sources to maintain a high standard of quality and a natural solution.

North Star Premium was created by a pet specialty store for other pet specialty stores. Our prime focus is on brick and mortar retailers who are the backbones of the pet industry. We believe that you’ll receive the best of care visiting our trusted retailers with a knowledgeable resource.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our products, you can contact us directly or refer to our store locator to find the closest retailer to you or approved online retailers.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Why become a retailer for our products? Why become a retailer for our products? We offer products that are soy free and wheat free. Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients from trusted and responsible sources. We honor our roots in small business as our products are made with the independent pet specialty store as our focus and delivering top notch products for pet parents everywhere.

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