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Every pet should be fed the very best. Just as humans, your dogs deserve to eat balanced diets too. At North Star Premium, we understand your pet and how to meet their nutritional needs. This is why we provide the best quality of pet care products. They come at affordable prices too!.


Quality products made in the United States using ingredients made and sourced in the United States.


To give access to customers to reasonably priced products that deliver real value.

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Using years of experience, customer feedback, and input from nutritionists, we produce formulas that are first and foremost incredibly healthy food for the pet.

Our Product Lines

North Winds Premium Haven.

Haven is nutritional food you can trust—your pet’s nutritional safe-haven. It is made from the most natural ingredients which are carefully and responsibly sourced from farms, fields and pastures to give your pet the highest quality diet.  
Each formula contains powerful antioxidants from superfoods such as fruits and vegetables to support a healthy immune system and provide a rich source of fiber.
Trust Haven with the tasty, healthy and nutritious food your pet deserves. Have, define your latitude.

North Winds Premium Ancient Grains.

Our ancient grain diets are just what your pet craves. Crafted with sorghum, brown rice and millet, our ancient grains possess incredible health benefits which help to maintain your dog’s energy levels and overall sound health.
Even after being slow cooked, our ancient grains diet retains a high level of nutrients. Ancient grains are an excellent source of naturally high fiber and very rich in essential nutrients. Our Ancient Grain diets also contain a wide range of minerals and vitamins, omega fatty acids and antioxidants that keep your pets in peak condition.
Every recipe is carefully sourced for premium quality. They are then crafted in minimal batches to inject every meal with a freshness you cannot get elsewhere.
We understand that you want the best for your dog. This is the reason we have fashioned high-quality diets that will meet your pet’s unique nutritional desires.
Give your dog exactly what it wants. Feed your dog a high-quality diet that you can trust. Nourish your adventure with North Winds Premium Ancient Grains.

North Winds Premium Grain Free.

If your dog prefers a grain-free diet, then our grain-free dog food is your way to ensure your loyal companion get the highest quality of what they need. We understand that every dog still needs carbohydrates for energy, so instead of using sources with grains, we use alternative sources which are grain-free, but also maintains a balance between carbohydrates and proteins.
Our grain-free diets provide your pets with natural nutrients such as omega fatty acids, perfect to help support a healthy skin and coat.
Every ingredient in this food was carefully sourced and they individually and collectively provide your pet with natural nutrients. These have a considerable impact on your dog’s well-being giving them increased energy and a better coat and skin.
They are ideal for pregnant dogs, providing them other and unborn puppies with the right amount of energy and nutrients that help maintain peak health condition.
This is also a great choice for pets with sensitivities. Our grain-free diets do not contain common allergens therefore if you have a pet quite sensitive to allergies, this is the diet you can trust.
Buy North Winds Premium grain-free diets for all your dog’s essential needs. Nourish your adventure with North Winds PremiumGrain Free.

True Course Supplements.

Your pets deserve the best of care. Just as every human meal should be balanced, your pets should eat balanced too.
Even though the industry is awash with low-quality supplements, our true course supplements are specially crafted to ensure that your pets get all the nutritional requirements necessary for long healthy life. They are handcrafted with utmost care from nature’s purest bounties.
Ours are high-quality nutrition that you can rely on.

North Winds Premium Bones & Chews.

Satisfy your dog’s innate desire to chew by choosing our bones and chews.
Every dog loves to gnaw on things—some even more than others. It strengthens their teeth, removes any building debris and also gives them something to play with. Unfortunately, low quality bones and other chewable can sometimes pose a risk to them. The solution is to their desire to chew is to offer your dog safe and healthy alternatives.
North Winds Premium bones and chews are the right treats for your dogs. They taste great, offer nutritional benefits and at the same time pose no threats to the well-being of your pets. Each treat and chew is carefully handcrafted in small batches with the full care that your pet deserves.
Your dog’s instinct is to chew. Give them a bone or a chew you can trust.

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Inspired by nature, our products are crafted from the finest of the earth’s bounty to give your pet a tasty, healthy, and nutritious food that you can trust. Our ingredients are sourced from trusted natural sources to maintain a high standard of quality and a natural solution.

North Star Premium was created by a pet specialty store for other pet specialty stores. Our prime focus is on brick and mortar retailers who are the backbones of the pet industry. We believe that you’ll receive the best of care visiting our trusted retailers with a knowledgeable resource.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our products, you can contact us directly or refer to our store locator to find the closest retailer to you or approved online retailers.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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North Star Premium was created by a pet speciality store for other pet speciality stores. Our prime focus is on brick and mortar retailers who are the backbones of the pet industry. We believe that you’ll receive the best of care visiting our trusted retailers with a knowledgeable resource.

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Frequently Asked Questions.
We understand that offering your pets the best is your primary concern; after all, they are a part of the family now. That is our number one focus too!

With the abundance of information available online today, getting the right information can be very tricky. As a result of this, we have compiled frequently asked questions with answers that you can trust.You can contact us if you have any more questions asides the below.

Bone Faq


How do you pick a bone size?

If the bone is small enough to fit in the dog's mouth, it is too small for the dog. Check each label for recommended dog sizes for each bone.



What do I do if I get pieces or slivers off the bone?

Bones are meant to be gnawed. If the dog is able to break off large chunks or slivers, the bone should be taken away.



Where are your bones made and where do they come from?

They are both grown and processed in the USA.


Peak Chaser Chew FAQ


Where are Peak Chaser chews made?

In the Himalayans of Nepal by a USFDA registered facility and the facility is certified by the state of California (CDPH).



Do Peak Chaser stain or have an odour?

Peak Chaser chews do not stain and have a pleasant smell with a tasty smoky flavour.



How are Peak Chaser chews made?

Yak milk is first collected by a group of farms. The yak milk is boiled while being continuously stirred with a wooded paddle called a "Kelu". During the stirring process is when the lime juice is added. After 45 minutes of continuous stirring the white cheese starts forming and it is separated with a large bamboo sleeve called a "cherang". The fresh soft cheese is spread onto a piece of cotton cloth that is tied and pressed firmly to drain all the excess water. From there the cheese is cut into pieces and then smoked for 30 to 45 days using a wood oven for hardening. This is the process that gives you a hard treat with a smoky flavour your dog will love!


Pet Food FAQ


Are all of your formulas �natural�?

Our foods are all 100% naturally preserved. If you see the word "mixed tocopherol", it's the scientific word for Vitamin E extract. We never use BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin.



Do you believe in free feeding dogs?

No. Our diets are higher in protein and fat, making them denser in calories and nutrition. Because of this you will need to feed as much as you may of other diets.



Do you have prebiotic and probiotics?

Yes, North Winds Premium Haven, Ancient Grain, and Grain Free all do.


Supplementary FAQ


Are True Course Taurine toppers made in the USA?

Of course!



Is True Course Salmon Oil from sustainable sources?

All True Course Salmon Oil is certified sustainable.



Is True Course Salmon Oil wild caught?

All True Course Salmon oil is caught off the coast of Alaska. We never use farmed salmon oil (which tend to be lower in Omega 3's, EPA, and DHA).