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Below are some great facts about our North Star Premium Pet Products. We have answered some of our retailers and customers most commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us. We also have our press packet below, which includes our logo, signage and product packaging. If you choose to carry our product in your store you are more than welcome to use any of our marketing material. 

Food FAQ

Q: I see you use chicken meal, pork meal, and fish meals in your food. Why not just chicken, pork, or fish?

A: Chicken meal is the same as chicken, just with much lower moisture content. Meal, as a concentrated protein source may allow up to 300% more nutrition then chicken, pork, or fish.

Q: How long should a bag of North Star Premium be good for after it’s opened?

A: About three months in optimum storage conditions. For maximum flavor, we recommend a month however.

Q: North Star Premium advertises no corn, wheat, or so. Why so?

A: We use only easy to digest grains; without the most common allergens used in dog foods.

Q: Does North Star use chelated minerals?

A: Yes! All of our formulas use Zinpro Availapet Chelated minerals! This allows for maximum nutrient absorption.

Company FAQ

Q: Where is North Star Premium pet food made?

A: North Star Premium is made in Texas by a family owned pet food manufacturer.

Q: Can I purchase North Star Premium online?

A: Sorry, we only sell through independently owned pet specialty stores.

Q: How do I find North Star Premium where I live?

A: Please use our Store Finder to find the nearest store or Contact Us. If you have a store nearby that you would love to see carry it, let us know and we’ll do our best to get it you.

Q: Why is North Star Premium only sold through independent pet food retailers?

A: North Star Premium was traces its roots to an independent store. We believe that you’ll receive the best care with the most knowledgeable resource, the store owner or one of their trained staff. Plus, when you shop at a local store, it stays local!

Product Nutrition Information