About Us

The North Star Story is a Story of Family

North Star Premium is a family owned and driven producer of pet products. Developed by Pets Plus of Bemidji, Minnesota to originally be their exclusive line and inspired by values that helped bring Pets Plus from a garage based business to what it is today. Quality, value, and customer service will remain a focus as we move forward in the pet industry. After several years of success with happy customers, North Star Premium will now be available to you, a house brand for the pet specialty store at a great price with exclusivity.

North Star Premium’s parent company, Pets Plus was founded in 1992 by Jim and Mary Joy when one of their beloved Labradors required a special diet. Without a local solution and researching, they found the special diet and had it delivered to their home. After seeing the results from their endeavor the Joys decided to start a delivery only pet food company.

In 1998 after several years of delivering to customers, pets plus opened their storefront in beautiful Bemidji, Minnesota, totaling less than one thousand square feet. With great customer service, delivering product knowledge, and honesty, Pets Plus grew. Over the next sixteen years Pets Plus would expand numerous times to meet customer demand.

In 2012, Mary and Christopher Joy, son and second generation pet food retailer, found that there were few brands still entirely committed to the independent retailer and decided to make their riskiest decision yet, starting a pet food company. The product goal had two goals. First quality products made in the United States using ingredients made and sourced in the United States. Today, over 99% of North Star Premium’s ingredients are from the United States and we are proud use 100% Chinese free ingredients. The second is to give access to customers to reasonably priced products that deliver real value. Using years of experience, customer feedback, and input from nutritionists, we produce formulas that are first and foremost incredibly healthy food for the pet.

North Star Premium is still honoring its commitment to the independent pet specialty store and American small businesses by delivering top notch products that are exclusive to the independent retailer.